Domaine Yves Girard-Madoux

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red Chignin Mondeuse, AOC Vin de Savoie

About this wine


Deep garnet tints with a slight purple reflection.

On the Nose

One of the most fabulous spicy and peppery nose with some freshly crushed red fruits and cherry.

On the Palate

Rustic with good tanins.

Grape variety

100% Mondeuse

The Winemaker's comment

"A rustic and classic wine from the Savoie region. Genetically, the Mondeuse is the mother of the Shiraz and we totally understand this kinship with the wonderful nose of this wine"

Food and Wine pairings

Red meat, Savoie traditionel sausages (Diots), Savoie local products and traditional meals (cheese fondue).


0.75L Mondeuse: €11 incl. VAT

0.75L Mondeuse aged in Oak barrel: €12 incl. VAT