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Premiers Flocons®

premiers flocons

About this wine

Savoie Snow Wine From Roussanne Grapes


Deep straw gold.

On the Nose

A nose full of honey, wax and candied orange, angelica and dried fig.

On the Palate

A rich palate and a good balance with the sweetness of this wine. An ample and smooth mouth.

Grape variety

100% Roussanne, late-harvested grapes.

The Winemaker's comment

"Vinified with late-harvested Roussanne grapes grown in one of our best plots, Premiers Flocons® (litterally "First Snowflakes" in English) is an explosion of flavours and is the perfect treat for you and everyone you love"

Food and Wine pairings

Traditionally enjoyed with chestnut-based meals, foie gras, light desserts and blue cheese.

You can also appreciate this wine with sweet and sour Asian food such as peking duck.


0.50L Premiers Flocons®: €15 incl. VAT