Domaine Yves Girard-Madoux

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Red Chignin Pinot Noir, AOC VIN DE SAVOIE

About this wine


Light garnet red and tawny colour.

On the Nose

Kirsh fruits, cocoa and black cherry with light smoky notes.

On the Palate

round tanins with a syrupy end.

Grape variety

100% Pinot Noir

The winemaker's comment

" Our soils are perfect for the Pinot Noir to fully express its character, the climate sunny enough to allow the Pinot Noir an optimum ripness with controled crops"

Food and Wine pairings

Perfect match with a slowly-cooked fish, a salad, chicken and frog legs if you are an amateur.


0.75L Pinot Noir: €11 incl. VAT