Domaine Yves Girard-Madoux

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VELTELINER white wine, wine from France (VSIG)

About this Wine


Pale yellow with a slight reflect of greenish colour.

On the Nose

Candied fruits like figs, young flowers and sweet candy balanced with final notes of honey.

On the Palate

A powerful and balanced palate, syrupy and lightly acidic.

Grape variety

100% Velteliner

The Winemaker's comment

"Like Verdesse, Velteliner is an heirloom variety that is a perfect match for wine enthusiasts who want to enjoy a rare wine with a lot of character"

Food and Wine pairings

As an appetizer, with oysters or at the end of the meal with the dessert.


0.75L Velteliner: €13 incl. VAT