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Our Savoie Wines & Specialties

Our White Wines From Savoie


A light, dry white wine made from Jacquère, a local grape variety.

Chignin wine is perfect to accompany traditional recipes from the Savoie region.

Chignin Bergeron

A very delicate wine from the Roussanne grape variety, locally known as Bergeron. Our Chignin Bergeron displays rich, perfumed flavours of stonefruit.

We decline Chignin Bergeron in different wines to express all of its potential: classic vinification, aged in Acacia barrels, Sulphite-free or with a small batch from a distinct plot.

Crémant de Savoie

Our Crémant de Savoie is a wonderful white sparkling wine thoroughly vinified using the traditional method.

Perfect mix between freshness and pleasure, our Crémant de Savoie will sparkle your celebrations!


Verdesse is an ancient grape variety from the Gresivaudan valley. It is the perfect example of a wine that gains to be rediscovered by wine enthusiasts.

Verdesse wine gives us a perfect bouquet of white flowers and roses. It has a perfect balance between acidity and fruits with a long and intense finale.


Like Verdesse, Velteliner is an heirloom grape variety that matches perfectly with people who want to enjoy a rare wine with a lot of character.

It is best enjoyed as an appetizer, with oysters or at the end of the meal with the dessert.

Premiers Flocons®

Premiers Flocons® is our snow wine made from Roussanne grapes.

We harvest the dedicated parcels when the first snowflakes of the season fall on the Alps.

Like all late-harvested wines, Premiers Flocons® can be enjoyed chilled as an appetizer, as a dessert wine or more traditionally with foie gras.

Our Red & Rosé Wines From Savoie


Mondeuse is an ancient and local red wine grape variety.

Mondeuse wine is aromatic with a deep purple colour, plenty of acidity and tannins. The bouquet is aromatic, and displays notes of sour cherries, plums, and a touch of black pepper.

Oaked Mondeuse

One of the most fabulous spicy and peppery noses with some freshly crushed red fruits and cherry.

This wine variant is aged in oak barrels.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a grape variety that fully expresses its character thanks to our soils, the climate is sunny enough to give the Pinot an optimum ripeness with controlled crops.

It gives a fruity wine with note of kirsh fruits, cocoa and black cherry with a slight smoked smell.

Rosé Mondeuse

This Rosé wine is exclusively made from Mondeuse grapes. The rosé colour is obtained by "bleeding" the pressed juice after only one night.

It is the perfect wine for your summer nights: it is best enjoyed with barbecues, grillled meat or fish (especially grilled sardines).

Our Specialties

Marc de Savoie

Marc de Savoie is a spirit produced through the distillation of Mondeuse marcs.

Our Marc is aged in oak barrels from Gascony during 7 years at least.

Still Grape Juice

Still pure juice made from Jacquère grapes.

The Jacquère grape variety brings finesse and acidity producing a juice with a lower sugar rate than standard grape juices.

Sparkling Grape Juice

Sparkling pure juice made from Jacquère grapes.

This sparkling juice is crisp, fruity and fresh. It is perfect for children or people that do not drink alcoholic beverages.

It is also a perfect cocktail ingredient with our Marc de Savoie.